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Together, we can take part in the transformation of peoples’ lives and entire villages in poverty-stricken and least-reached parts of the world. Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples, planting churches and raising up leaders are eternal efforts that transform the human life forever. In reaching people eternally, we also are compelled to demonstrate the love of God in tangible ways that bring hope and a better life to people in least-reached parts of the world. Adopt a Village is our practical way of living out both of these needs alongside strategic partners and leaders whom God has placed in these difficult places and with whom we have strong, long-term relationships. Join us through prayer and giving!


Adopt an Evangelistic Outreach
and Church Planting Effort in Myanmar

During December, the partners and friends we work with in Myanmar travel into unreached, often dangerous, Buddhist villages to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of the people in these villages have never even heard of Jesus. Yet with prayer for the team and/or $230, you can help send a gospel team into a village in a manner that is most effective for their context and help plant churches among unreached peoples. We are partnering with 14 village outreaches. Please pray for the team and villages, for favor and boldness, for salvations and miracles, for protection and the planting of new churches in these villages. $230 sends a team. DONATE

Adopt Gospel Literature for
Unreached Buddhist Villages in Myanmar

In Myanmar, there is very little access to written literature, especially about Jesus and Christianity. In villages where many have never even heard of Jesus, written gospel literature becomes an important tool for proclaiming the gospel and making disciples. $400 funds around 1,000 copies of literature that can open a person’s eyes to the truth of the gospel and the glory of life with Jesus. Please pray that these books and booklets will lead to salvation, strong discipleship and strong new churches. Click DONATE to help provide gospel and discipleship literature. DONATE

Adopt New Clothes for a Child in Myanmar

Many of our Encounter Generation partners had a part in building a structure in Myanmar which houses a childrens home, a school for training church planters and leaders and a church. In the kids home, 17 kids are growing up. We want to bless them with a new set of clothes this Christmas. $50 will place a new pair of shoes and new clothes on these kids, revealing the love and provision of God through His Church. Please pray for these children, that they know God and grow in wisdom, in stature and favor with God and with man. Click the DONATE button to provide clothes for a child. DONATE

Adopt a New Mattress for a Child in Myanmar

In the children’s home in Myanmar, the kids are in need of new mattresses. They currently are sleeping on beds without mattresses. This Christmas, we would love to bless these kids with more comfortable sleep and reveal Gods love and provision for them. Approximately $35 provides a mattress for a child. $500 will provide mattresses for the entire children’s home. You can be part of that this Christmas season by praying for these children and providing matttress by clicking the DONATE button. DONATE


In East Africa, we have the privilege of partnering with MedReach, Inc. to reach least reached villages in war-torn Northern Uganda and in remote parts of Tanzania. In January, 2020, we will be in Northern Uganda and have several projects we are endeavoring to pursue in order to impact the people there. Please join us in these efforts!

Adopt Mosquito Nets for
Mothers and Children in Northern Uganda

Malaria and other mosquito-carrying diseases are a constant danger to the people of Northern Uganda. A mosquito net drastically lessens the risk of being bitten by a mosquito, leading to a healthier, happier life. You can help protect the lives of mothers and children in war-torn northern Uganda. Please pray for Gods protection for people there and for healing for those who are sick. You can give one mosquito net for around $7. Click DONATE to provide a net(s). DONATE

Adopt Reusable Feminine Pads
for Teen Girls in Northern Uganda

Teen girls in northern Uganda live with the reality that simple hygiene and health education and products which would allow them to live healthier, happier and more productive lives are not available or affordable to them. Girls even miss days of school each month in order to avoid embarrassment. You can help teen girls through health and hygiene education and reusable feminine pads at only $6 per pad kit. Amanda will be leading and teaching the women’s hygiene aspect of ministry in Uganda when we go with MedReach, Inc. in January 2020. This work includes more than health education. The message she and others will give includes proclaiming to women their value in the eyes of God. In a culture where women are often devalued, you can be part of a holistic demonstration of the Kingdom of God. Please pray that God will open the eyes of women to their value through the message of the Gospel. DONATE

Adopt a Pastor for Training
from Villages in Northern Uganda

Most pastors in East Africa are young, with very little formal training. Encouraging and equipping pastors can affect an entire community as a spiritual leader returns from training to serve the people of their village. The power of multiplication is evident as we have the privilege to serve these pastors and their ministries. David and Amanda plan to serve leaders from multiple countries in 2020. You can help encourage and equip a pastor, his family and his ministry for only $50 as pastors are gathered for intense times of worship, prayer and training. Please pray that the God of the harvest would send out workers into the harvest field. Please pray that the Lord would raise up and encourage these pastors with strength, wisdom and power to make disciples, pastor their village and plant churches that transform villages. Adopt a pastor by clicking DONATE. DONATE

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