August Update

Dear Friends, Below is our update from the Philippines, including another journey with a typhoon and another story of God’s loving-kindness. Thank you so much for praying for me and for us here in Asia. Thank you for partnering with me in the work here.


Typhoon GlendaLast November, 2013, I was scouting for potential places to live and minister here in the Philippines when Typhoon Yolanda hit Cebu City where I was visiting. It also leveled Tocloban, Leyte, the island just north of me and was all over the world news as the worst typhoon in history. I remember the helpless feeling as a visitor in a hotel with limited funds, no transport and no way to communicate for a day or so.

This past month saw the eye of Typhoon Glenda come over Tagaytay City, the place where I did choose to move and minister. It was a category 3 storm and since the eye went right over the city, we were hit hard. My place flooded 2 or 3 inches from the roof, but I’m grateful that there was no damage outside of the ceiling. I spent hours trying to push water out the door to stay ahead of the water pouring into my place from the roof. What a relief when the rain calmed.

I went out after the worst of the storm with the car, dodging downed power lines and trees. I offered people rides and got snacks for emergency crews. 7/11 was the only thing opened with generators. The whole city was without power and much of it was without water for days.

We went through the local neighborhood governments to find the families who lost their homes, mostly the poorest people with poorly constructed homes. We distributed food to 21 families, have been praying with people and are looking at providing some tin to those who are in desperate need for help to rebuild a shelter.

As dark and difficult as these things are, the hardship that exists in the world offers an opportunity for the goodness and greatness of God to break in. His Kingdom reigns, even when trees, buildings and power lines fall. That has been one of the biggest stories of the month from here. I can emphatically say that I would be happy to not see any more typhoons. (Picture above from local news)


Annie’s Story Annie (name changed) works at the local cell phone shop. I have had the chance to get to know her and her workmates as I go there for my cell and internet needs. Annie came from another island to work and help support her family. She works 7 days per week, never has a day off and works for ridiculously low wages. She lives in a boarding house with her workmates and sends what money she makes home to support her family. Her focus on making sure her family is okay is inspiring. Her work situation is difficult for me to deal with.

Annie asked for two days off to travel back to her province to visit her family because it was her brother’s birthday. The trip would be a bus ride, a ferry ride to another island and yet another bus ride to her place. It would be a long trip for just a few hours to celebrate her brother’s birthday. The manager refused to give her the time off, so she texted me understandably sad and distressed. I simply told her about the goodness of Jesus. “He loves us. So let’s ask Him to open a way for you to go and visit your family.” We asked, and the next morning I received a text saying that she was on the way to her home island. The manager had changed her mind. She texted a smiley face with a little tear drop and said, “God is good.” She returned home, exhausted but happy. I was happy for her.

Jesus is certainly not a genie in a bottle, answering our every want according to our own wills. But I am convinced He longs to demonstrate His goodness and greatness; to break into the melancholy and darkness of life and to reveal the heart of the Father to the world. Just as I was, I pray you are reminded of that as you read this story and even as you deal with life in your part of the world.


Life is almost back to normal from the typhoon. I am spending most of my time meeting people from all walks of life and building relationships. Please pray that these relationships would lead to Jesus, where His Kingdom would be demonstrated and the Gospel declared so that people might meet the One Who changes everything. Thank you for praying for us here, for standing with us and for partnering in the work of the Gospel in Asia. Thank you also for your consistent gifts that allow us to continue the work here. Love you all so much!

– David Gilliam

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please check out our new website! Note: Internet is not great here. It is even worse since the typhoon. So it is hard to upload videos or Skype. However, I can email. Thank you for staying in touch.

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  1. Hey buddy! Thanks for the update. My heart was pricked as I read your letter. I have been praying for you…not as much as I should, unfortunately. But, I will pray more! I know God is and will use you there.

    I love the line where you wrote, “As dark and difficult as these things are, the hardship that exists in the world offers an opportunity for the goodness and greatness of God to break in.” That is a powerful statement. I have a message God gave me a couple months ago, but I haven’t done anything with it. This quote will go perfectly with it…if I may use it 🙂 I will send the royalty checks to you, of course. LOL

    Its the part of ministry that we often forget…we are the light! Speaking first hand, we just have to keep that thought in front of us at all times. I am still not completely sure about what tomorrow or next month may hold. But, honestly, its all about me being plyable and flexible, and trusting that God is allowing things in my life for a purpose. Romans 8:28 must be our verse.

    This morning I read Psalm 20. There are 3 things that I took from that.
    1. He hears us – and sends His servants to help many times (just as you are helping the people there). God is using you as a response to their cries. Funny thing is they may not even know God, but He knows them.
    2. We can rejoice because God promises to save (or protect) His anointed servant. Verse 5 says I am to rejoice.
    3. The strength of God Himself will flow to us…verse 6 tells me He is right handed…I knew it!! LOL
    4. The work we do for Him will not fail. We will be lifted up. maybe physically, maybe spiritually. Or the point may be that whatever we do in His name will always prevail, because His Word will NEVER return void or empty. Even when we retire from our duties, what we did will continue to live on. Much of it eternally.

    It is a great encouragement just knowing that we are part of God’s plan to save people! I know you must have your moments but rest assured there are people here praying for you and looking forward to your letters and updates. Keep them coming. I hope you are keeping a journal for yourself. I didn’t do it consistently but it is cool to go back and read what happened several years ago. They will become spiritual monuments for you later, especially when Satan tries to discourage you.

    Just felt compelled to ramble this morning. LOL Keep pressing on because you are expanding the Kingdom! Yea, I miss the breakfasts too, but we will do it again, my friend. Hope you have a great day.

    Forever His,
    1Tim. 1:12

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