August 2016 Update

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Thank you so much for praying for and partnering with me and our team in Asia and in the USA. Your partnership is producing fruit of the Kingdom of God. Here are some stories of what God is doing in Asia and of which you are a significant part.

After an extremely packed summer (April and May) and ministry schedule here in the Philippines, June brought the beginning of kids going back to school and more of a routine schedule. The May graduation of the School of Ministry allowed for a break in that schedule as well. So in July, I traveled to Myanmar, a country in southeast Asia bordering Thailand. Myanmar is around 88% Buddhist and only around 6% Christian.


Myanmar Ministry
In Myanmar, I had a busy but fruitful and fulfilling schedule. I taught the end of a day-long seminar on Saturday, July 23, preached a revival service that night, preached two services Sunday morning, taught an English speaking class on Sunday afternoon, took a tour of the ministry there on Monday and spent a lot of good time with my friend and contact there. Then, on Tuesday, I taught at their Ministry Institute (similar to our School of Ministry) for about 4 hours and taught a small group that night before flying out Wednesday morning. It was a fast but wonderful trip, seeing God’s work there and scouting for future involvement.

When I first moved back to Asia in 2014, the vision in my heart was not just for the Philippines, but to see lost people reached with the hope of the Gospel, hurting people healed and helped, churches planted and leaders equipped and sent out in more than one place in Asia. So I went prayerfully scouting potential involvement in Myanmar in partnership with my friend Robin Kung.

My Friend in Myanmar, Robin Kung, and Me

A Village Pastor and His Family

The Children’s Home in Myanmar

Robin has a church in the city, Yangon, Myanmar. They have a Ministry Institute there to train their leaders, similar to our School of Ministry, and they have four churches that have been planted in what were unreached villages in rural areas. They also have a children’s home with around 14 children who have been taken in from war-torn areas of the country and various other situations. I visited most of the ministry, including one of the village churches and the children’s home, pictured above.

It was a joy to see Robin again as he had become a great friend during my first stint in Asia back in 2002-2004. It was great to minister with him and see what God is doing there. I shared my passion and vision and the heart of Encounter Generation for Asia. Robin shared his dreams, and we agreed to pray together about how we might partner together to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom in that nation. Please pray with us as we seek the Lord’s heart for us in Myanmar.

Book Published
You might remember that I wrote a book a few years ago called Encounter: The Quest for the Real Thing. Robin had it translated into the Burmese language, and the translator liked it. Robin was going to give the book as a gift, but the translator suggested they try to sell it. So 500 copies have been published and will be for sale in Christian bookstores in Yangon. We will see how it does before printing anymore. Please pray God uses that book to impact peoples’ lives in a significant way.

Expansion in Trece Martires, Philippines
We are currently expanding the sanctuary of the church building in Trece Martires, Philippines. Their current room only holds about 40 people, so we are doing some work to allow the place to accommodate 100. The landlord did not want us to change the building at first, but as we all prayed, God was gracious and the landlord graciously allowed us to extend a lease and make the changes necessary for a church that had outgrown its facility. This change will be much cheaper than moving or other options that were available. People are excited at what God is doing there.

School of Ministry Philippines
On Sunday, July 17, we began the next batch for the School of Ministry. Last time, we started with 8 and saw 5 graduate. This time, we have started with 21 student leaders, so I am excited at the hunger of our people to grow as people, disciples and leaders. I have named Pastor Dion Ramos, the pastor of our Trece Martires church and a graduate of the first batch of School of Ministry, as my Assistant Director. He will facilitate and run the school when I need to be gone.

Upcoming Events-Pray With Us
Coming up on August 19-20, we are taking our leaders on an overnight retreat, for rest and revival. We also have a dedication service for the renovated building in Trece Martires on August 14. We have a mass wedding on August 29, which will allow several of our church members to marry who need to and want to. We are scheduled to host a marriage seminar, a children’s ministry seminar, a worship seminar and on September 18, we will have a big Encounter event for our whole network, similar to the annual Encounter event we used to do back in Marion, Virginia. This will be an evangelistic outreach and revival service on a Sunday morning. As you can see, many opportunities are here for people to grow in many different areas of life. Please pray for these upcoming activities, that we will see much fruit, that lost people will be saved, hurting people healed and helped, leaders equipped and that people will grow strong and stable in the Lord.

Thank You
In the background of all that God is doing, we face plenty of daily challenges. So we ask for your continued prayers for protection, wisdom and power to pray, teach and guide people in the ways that lead to life. Thank you for your partnership in the work of the Gospel in Asia. I wish you could see up close the difference you are making here as we partner together in the story God is writing here.

David Gilliam

Encounter Generation, Inc.
P.O. Box 523
Marion, VA 24354

Robin and Nomi’s Daughter
The Book
English Class
Myanmar Ministry Leadership Institute


  1. Thank you, David and team, for your faithfulness in ministry!

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    • Always such an encouragement! At a time when everything in daily life seems to point us away from God and to all the calamity going on around us, posts like this bring me back to what is really important in our world and our time! Thank you, Pastor David!

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      • Thanks for the encouragement Elaine. I am anxious to get back home in the Fall and see you all at Calvary. I hope you are well. Thank you for your prayers!

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    • Thank you for your prayers, partnership and friendship RuthAnne. You and Craig are such a blessing to me. I look forward to catching up when I get home for a bit.

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  2. David,
    So glad to hear from you and I hope & pray you are doing well. Keep up the great work!! Take care & God Bless!! Joel, Misty, Jack, Mason & Sydney

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    • God bless you David! You are special and such a blessing. I pray for you everyday, that God will keep you safe, in good health and open more doors to winning souls for Christ!

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      • Hi Mrs. Bales, Thank you so much for your prayers. The seeds you sowed into my life in Sunday School impacted my life. I am grateful. Your prayers do the same. God bless you!

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    • Joel, Great to hear from you. Thanks for the note and prayers and encouragement. I am looking forward to catching up soon. Almost football season!

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  3. David, we continue to pray for you. It’s wonderful & exciting to read about what you are doing & your sincerity in doing what our Lord is calling you to do. Also, we continue to pray for your health & safety. Blessings always, Margaret Musser

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    • Thank you Margaret. Your prayers and note always lift my spirits and remind me to keep at it. God bless you and your family.

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  4. This all sounds great! Thank you for being open to the leading of the Spirit and for pouring yourself out as an offering unto our Lord. May God continue to use you to build His Kingdom!

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    • Thanks for the encouragement Craig. Talk to you real soon! You are a blessing and wonderful friend.

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  5. Wow, you have been busy and God is receiving all the glory David..You inspire me so much to do so much more. Prayerz for you and everyone there for blessings and continued health and much joy. Miss you very much but know that you are about our Father’s business! Love you and so glad to hear from you.

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    • Sonya, so great to hear from you. I hope you are feeling well and doing well. I miss you and your family. Will see you this Fall. Thank you for the encouragement!

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  6. Thank you David for the great report from myanmar and Philippines. We have very fond memories of our time with you in the Philippines. The work and people there are amazing. We continue to pray for you and the wonderful people, leaders and churches.
    We are presently in UK with family. We were able to scatter my dad’s ashes in the forest where he used to walk and pray, with my two brothers . It was a very good time together.
    We go from here to the north of England where both Matthew and Suzanne were born. We will get to stay with the couple who were pastors in the fellowship there. We will also travel into Wales for a couple of days for a little vacation.
    We will be back home at the end of August and look forward to seeing you soon. Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Myanmar and your time with Robin. We would like you to contact the young man that translated for us. He is pastoring among the university students. He is about your age. A very precious brother. I will give you his name and email. I will have to find it.
    Our love and prayers.
    Pastor John and Jean.

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