We are so grateful for your prayers and partnership with Encounter Generation, Inc. Below is some of what has been happening with the ministry and personally.

In October, 2016, you will remember we began working on a project in partnership with Pastor R. and his team in Myanmar. The project was a three-story building that would house a church, a children’s home, a school for training up church planters and leaders, and a facility that would invest in wholistic community development. Thanks to you, by March, 2017, we had secured most of the needed funding. After some months of securing permits and by late 2017, construction began. This past June, 2018, the children began moving into the children’s home and classes began for the leadership training school for future church leaders in that nation. Pastor R’s dream, and our dream to partner with him and his team to reach Myanmar with the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has come to fruition.

This was the land Pastor R. and the ministry in Myanmar had when the vision was just a dream.

The foundation as it was being prepared and poured.

Construction happening.

The building as it is recently being finished.

The girls have moved into the children’s home part of the new building!

The boys have moved into the children’s home!

As leaders are trained in the school of leadership in the new building, more unreached villages with people like this (below) who have not heard of Jesus can be reached with practical help and the good news of God’s Kingdom.

A project that makes this much of an impact in a ministry and community and nation happens because partners like you come alongside us to see dreams like this happen. Many people will be impacted in a powerful and beautiful way because of your prayers and the investment you made.

Please pray for Pastor R. and his team as they work in a nation where persecution is real and ministry is difficult. Yet they serve sacrificially for the sake of Christ and for those He died for who have yet to hear the good news & live with many needs. Please pray for that nation, for peace, for the believers there and for the good news of the Kingdom to be carried humbly, proclaimed boldly and demonstrated powerfully throughout the land.

Article On Myanmar

I am currently back in the USA. I returned from Asia a bit earlier than anticipated in late May due partially to an infection that I have still been dealing with. I can function fine, but I have not felt 100%. Doctors are working to remedy the issue, and we are praying for God’s touch and complete healing.

Speaking of dreams coming true, as I was preparing to come back, my then fiancé Amanda and I decided to get married sooner than originally planned. So on July 7, with our families present, we made our vows to one another. Next to Jesus, Amanda is the best thing to happen to me!

My wife Amanda and me: Mrs. and Mrs. Gilliam!

Amanda and I had the privilege of ministering at a youth camp and at two churches in West Virginia in late July. There is also much more to update you on from events in the Philippines as well as many future plans. We will share from the West VA trip and update you on the rest very soon in the next update. I will be traveling a lot and continuing Encounter Generation’s work. Trips back to Asia for multiple weeks, to Jamaica and to Uganda are being planned. But I wanted to share with you the good news of what God has done in Myanmar and how your prayers, partnership and gifts have helped propel that ministry forward into greater Kingdom impact.

Thank you for your love for God, your prayers, your love for lost people and for believing in me, Encounter Generation and our partners in the nations as we work together to advance the Gospel and to see God’s Kingdom come and His will done among the nations as His will is in Heaven.

David Gilliam

Encounter Generation, Inc.
P.O. Box 523
Marion, VA 24354


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Daily Prayer Guide for Uganda Mission
January and February, 2018

Following is a Prayer Guide for David Gilliam’s Mission Trip with a Team with MedReach, Inc. This prayer guide was provided by MedReach, Inc. (http://www.medreachinc.org)

Saturday & Sunday, Jan. 27 & 28: Travel Days

-Pray that all team members will make their flights, that the weather will be good, and that all luggage will arrive as scheduled.
-Pray for an easy and uneventful passage through Customs! (always a concern)
-Pray that all the team will be of one heart and mind in Christ, aware of His presence, peace, and joy.

Monday, January 29: Travel by bus to village in northern Uganda, set up camp and clinic

-Pray for safe travel on the long bus ride.
-Pray that each of us will have a sense of anticipation about the work of the Holy Spirit in our ministry, and a servant’s heart as we seek to be obedient to His leading.

Tuesday, Jan. 30: Begin clinic and ministries and pastors’ conference; show Jesus film in 2 villages

-Pray for unity among team members, and between Americans and our African partners.
-Pray that the Lord would be preparing hearts to hear and receive the Gospel message.
-Pray for wisdom and compassion for the medical team as they seek to bring the Lord’s healing to their patients.
-Pray for rest and recovery from jet lag and stress.

Wednesday, Jan. 31: Clinic and ministries, pastors’ conference, show Jesus film in 2 villages

-Pray for the healing of our patients, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
-Pray for the national pastors who are attending the conference, that they would have a great sense of the moving of the Holy Spirit in their midst.
-Pray that each of us will take the opportunity to pray with patients and their families, sharing the Good News of Jesus’ love for them.

Thursday, Feb 1: Clinic and ministries, pastors’ conference; show Jesus film in 2 villages

-Pray for the health of each team member, and especially for team leaders Steve and SL Hudson. -Pray that each of us will be able to cope gracefully with long work hours and much less personal time and space than usual.
-Pray that God will lead us through the barriers of cross-cultural ministry, to find hearts already prepared to receive His Word.

Friday, Feb 2: Clinic and ministries, pastors’ conference, show Jesus film in 2 villages

-Pray for the leaders of the pastors’ conference as they encourage fellow believers in the truth of God’s Word.
-Pray for our eyes to be opened that we might see our patients as Jesus saw the multitudes, so that our hearts would overflow with His love and compassion.

Saturday, Feb. 3: Clinic and ministries, pastors’ conference, closing ceremony

-Pray that the wonderful bond of Christ’s love will continue to bind our Ugandan and American team members together.
-Pray that the local churches and leaders will be encouraged and strengthened, and that we will all experience the joy of fellowship together.
-Pray that on this last day of clinic and ministry we will still have the same sense of purpose, the same zeal, the same enthusiasm, the same energy as on the first day.

Sunday, Feb. 4: Break camp, travel to game park

-Pray for safe travel, for our bus driver, and for our witness to him if he is not a believer
-Pray that we will continue to feel the work of the Holy Spirit, and will continue in the spirit of mission as we relax and unwind.

Monday, Feb. 5: safari, boat ride up the Nile, and hike to Murchison Falls

-Pray that we would experience true rest, relaxation, and recuperation.
-Pray for all those who became new believers through the Lord’s work during this mission.
-Pray that we all will be aware of the blessing of allowing God to work through us.

Tuesday & Wednesday, Feb. 6 & 7: travel back to Kampala and fly home

-Pray for safe travel and continued good health as we again deal with fatigue and jet lag.
-Pray that our flights are on schedule and uneventful, that connections are made smoothly, and that luggage arrives home with its owners.
-Pray that our work and witness brought encouragement and blessing to fellow believers, brought new believers into the Kingdom, and brought honor and glory to our God.

And finally, we thank each of you for your faithfulness in prayer, and we appreciate so much being part of the Body of Christ with you. While you may not have physically gone with us to Uganda, in the Lord’s eyes and ours, you were serving alongside us, so that our ministry could be fruitful and God-honoring. We may not know the final results of this labor, yours and ours, this side of Glory, but we know that your partnership with us in prayer has been a vital support during this mission.

Apwoyo matek (thanks very much), and Lubanga omini gum (God bless you)!

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We are so grateful for your prayers and partnership with this ministry. Below is some of the latest news on what’s been happening in the Philippines and Myanmar.



Jeffry grew up in the south Philippines, where Islam is very prevalent and terrorism and radical Islam is posing a very big problem these days. You may have seen some of the stories in the news. Jeffry moved to Tagaytay City (one of our churches is there) to look for construction work. Jeffry received Jesus as His Savior and Lord in that church.

Our Associate Pastor in Tagaytay, Pastor Ronnie, has invested his life in Jeffry. Jeffry has even started attending our School of Ministry with Pastor Ronnie. Even though he is too late to graduate with this class, he is so hungry to learn about the Word of God. He even told someone not too long ago that he wanted to be a pastor one day. He has endured some persecution from his family for his decision to follow Jesus, but he continues to grow in his love for Jesus and for God’s Word. We have seen four Muslims come to faith in Jesus Christ in Tagaytay and look forward to seeing what God has in store for Jeffry.

Denzel is pictured above at youth camp, on the right, next to one of his youth leaders, Faith. Denzel came for prayer for some problems he was having with his intestines. He was prayed for. While he was being prayed for, something felt like it was moving around in his stomach and when he went back to the doctor that week, the Lord had already healed Denzel. The doctor said there was no more problem. We honor God and are thankful to Him for being our Healer. Denzel was baptized at youth camp this summer.


Youth Camp Students Above in a Fishing Boat


After returning from Myanmar to the Philippines in April, several events began happening across our network. Our Alfonso Church held a youth camp with nearly 50 attendees. The theme was Born Identity, helping youth discover their identity in relationship with God. Many young people talked about how much the camp meant to them. At the end of the week, nearly 30 young people were baptized.

The Trece Martires Church held Vacation Bible School for nearly 80 children. Many of our youth and young adults in that church helped staff the Vacation Bible School, where the theme was: Unshakeable. Children had a great time, heard the Gospel, and learned the Word of God




Above are some pictures from Vacation Bible School, including Pastor Dion with two VBS kids.


With the building project in Myanmar, Robin is still in the process of dealing with the paperwork and government permits so we can get started. Hopefully we can break ground soon.

In Tagaytay City, the church is in real need of moving to a new location. We are looking for land to either buy or lease and to try to build. Please pray for God’s wisdom, favor and hand at work in these situations.

I am writing the next discipleship curriculum for all of our members and small groups. Please pray for me as I write that what is written would help make fruitful disciples of Jesus, as He instructs us to do.

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:18-20

Thank you for your love for God, your prayers, your love for lost Asia and for believing in me, Encounter Generation and our partners in Asia as we work together to advance the Gospel and to see God’s Kingdom come and His will done in Asia as it is in Heaven.

Your Friend,


David Gilliam

Youth Camp 2017: Born Identity


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Below is the latest news on what’s been happening in the Philippines and Myanmar. It has been summertime in Myanmar and in the Philippines, and much has been going on.


I spent much of April in the country of Myanmar. I have detailed in other updates about how the country has changed for the better because of a recently changing government. Greater economic freedom and greater religious freedom have made it easier to share the Gospel, though places of government corruption and a 90% Buddhist country still make things somewhat difficult.

Working alongside our partner in Myanmar, Pastor Robin Kung and his team with Christ for Asia, we: 1. Held a church training day 2. Held a revival service night 3. Held a week-long youth camp 4. Visited the existing Sidewalk Sunday School program 5. Visited and shared in several small group locations 6. Preached in the main church in Yangon 7. Spent time with the children’s home kids 8. And spent much time encouraging Robin and his team of leaders.

We also scoped out the location for the two-story building project we have been planning for, which will house the main church in the big city of Yangon, Myanmar, the leadership training school for future leaders and church planters, and the children’s home.









Above is Wai Wai, who is a business woman who owns the pictured hotel and restaurant, has been attending the Yangon church. To the left is Robin Kung, senior pastor of the Myanmar ministry and to the right, James Aung, is associate pastor of the Myanmar Yangon ministry.

Below is me speaking at the youth camp with Pastor James translating.







Below is Robin Kung, teaching the Gospel to a group of Buddhists attending the youth camp.







Below is the total group picture from the youth camp in Myanmar.









To the left, is a young pastor of one of the village churches with Christ for Asia Myanmar. (Christ for Asia Myanmar has the home church in the city of Yangon and 4 village churches. A team is currently working to plant a 5th village church). The older gentlemen to the right was a former Buddhist, who has been a Christian for about a year. He lives in the village of this pastor. One day he came upon the scene of a boy who had drown. The boy reportedly had been under water for about 30 minutes and was dead. The man went up to the boy, leaned down and put his hands on him and prayed for him. The boy came back to life. There were multiple witnesses as a crowd surrounded the scene and news about Jesus spread in the village because of that. That was one of the many great stories I have heard about what God is doing in Myanmar. I will try to share more in the future.

To the left is Dim Lam Kim, from a wedding she attended. She leads the Sidewalk Sunday School for the ministry in Myanmar.

Also, above and to the right is a picture from the Sidewalk Sunday School that took place during Youth Camp. Because of your partnership, Encounter Generation has been able to invest in hiring up to two more workers to help Dim Lam Kim and to expand Sidewalk Sunday School into the village regions to reach children and their families with the tangible love and truth of Jesus Christ. You are making that possible!


Youth camps and Vacation Bible Schools have been abounding in the Philippines in April and May. As school gets ready to start back in June and rainy season begins to set in, I will update you in the June update on happenings here.

Thank you for your love for God, your prayers, your love for lost Asia and for believing in me, Encounter Generation and our partners in Asia as we work together to advance the Gospel and to see God’s Kingdom come and His will done in Asia as it is in Heaven.

Your Friend,

David Gilliam

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Thank you so much for praying for and partnering with me and our team in Asia and in the USA.


After a 14-month stint in Asia (except for a quick trip to take care of taxes/business in February), I am just recently home in Virginia for about 3 to 4 months, where I will be reconnecting with relationships here. I will be traveling and speaking to churches/groups, casting vision, doing some writing and updating everyone I can about what has been happening and where we are looking to go in the future. It has also been 3 years since I last spent Thanksgiving and Christmas stateside, so it will be a blessing to be near family and friends this year. I desire and hope to see you while here. Also, if you have a group you would like me to speak to, we are glad to come and share!

It has been exactly 3 years since I first went to the Philippines to scout and began the process of pioneering there. As Encounter Generation partnered with the City Disciples Church there, we have seen the Lord grant a harvest of good fruit. You have been a huge part of it. Here is a report of what the Lord has accomplished over the 3 years:

  • 1 church has grown to a network of 3 churches.
  • We have seen around 60 baptisms of people professing to follow Jesus.
  • We have grown from 35 attendees in the church that was there to a combined total of around 200 plus attendees on Sundays.
  • One group of 5 students has graduated from the School of Ministry. The next group of 20 is studying now with Pastor Dion facilitating. He is a graduate of the school and pastor of one of our churches and he is helping lead and direct the school now, which equips and trains our leaders.
  • We have grown from an initial team of around 7 leaders to a team of around 45 combined leaders from the three churches.
  • Each church has elders and deacons and core leaders working together.
  • Structures and systems are in place, along with facilities and equipment.
  • The Sidewalk Sunday School ministry continues to reach out to children in our communities.
  • An Overseeing Board to give oversight for the whole Philippines ministry has been formed to provide guidance, encouragement and accountability.
  • A joint, Sunday-morning service of the three churches was held in September as an evangelistic outreach. We called it Encounter. 300 attended with several professions of faith in Christ. Seeing this happen was a milestone for the ministry there and provided encouragement and momentum for everyone as I prepared to travel home.

The Lord has done all of this. He has used a large team of people (Filipinos, Americans and friends from other nations) in seeing this birthed and growing to this point. You are a significant part of the team. Your prayers, your encouragement, your financial partnership, your guidance and insight, have all empowered the team on the ground to see God’s purposes fulfilled. I cannot thank you enough.

We have seen Phase 1 (above) come to fruition with the vision I moved to Asia holding in our hearts as a ministry. Phase 2 of that vision is to expand into other parts of Asia, forming strategic partnerships, with a focus on places inhabited by more unreached peoples.

In the Philippines, though we came alongside an existing Filipino partner, we have played one of the lead roles in pioneering and pastoring the network there. That experience has been vital for preparing us to move into phase two. But in other parts of Asia, the language, culture and government restrictions cause us to adjust our strategy to coming alongside strategic partners in more of a support role, providing what we can to equip, empower and enable those partners to advance the Kingdom of God across their nations.

This is a strategy that God seems to be utilizing a lot around the world at this stage in the history of World Missions, as Western missionaries are coming alongside native Christian leaders to advance the Kingdom in their nations. This is our strategy for these unreached nations in Asia.



Myanmar is around 88% Buddhist and only around 6% Christian. Robin Kung is a longtime friend who has a church in the city, Yangon, Myanmar. They have a Ministry Institute there to train their leaders, similar to our School of Ministry, and they have four churches that have been planted in what were unreached villages in rural areas. They also have a children’s home with around 14 children who have been taken in from war-torn areas of the country and various other situations.

Robin and Me


A Village Pastor and His Family


In 2017, we will continue to work in the Philippines and be involved in the ministry there. But I plan to travel into other parts of Asia a lot more this coming year. We specifically want to begin intentionally partnering with Robin and the ministry there in Myanmar. I am already scheduled to go there in April and plan to go more as I can get visas approved.

Children’s Home Kids


Our Big Project for 2017


The big project we want to work toward is helping build headquarters for the ministry in Myanmar, which would house the home church and the Ministry Training Institute which equips and trains leaders and church planters. It would also house community development such as vocational skills, business training and English classes. Finally, it would house the children’s home as well.

Above is an engineer’s drawing that gives you an idea of what Robin and the ministry there is hoping to build.

We are praying and working to raise a significant amount of what is needed to help see this happen. Based on my time there, I am convinced that this facility would propel the ministry there forward in a significant way and forge a partnership that will hopefully reach unreached people in Myanmar for years to come. We are planning multiple trips there to help train and raise up leaders, to hold revival services, to provide discipleship resources and more to help support the ministry there and to see them continue to move forward in planting more churches in unreached areas as well as take care of orphans and those in need. That is Robin’s heart and it is mine too. So we are excited to partner with him however we can to see God’s Kingdom come and His will done in Myanmar. Most of my time in the U.S. will be casting this vision and looking for partnership that can enable it to happen.

Thank you for your prayers and all you do to partner with Encounter Generation as we work to see the Gospel of the Kingdom transform lives and families and communities in the 10/40 Window.


David Gilliam

You can partner financially by sending tax-deductible donations to:

Encounter Generation, Inc.
P.O. Box 523
Marion, VA 24354

Or give online by clicking on the “Give” tab above.

Email: sdavidgilliam@hotmail.com


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Logo Left ColumnAUGUST UPDATE 2016

Thank you so much for praying for and partnering with me and our team in Asia and in the USA. Your partnership is producing fruit of the Kingdom of God. Here are some stories of what God is doing in Asia and of which you are a significant part.

After an extremely packed summer (April and May) and ministry schedule here in the Philippines, June brought the beginning of kids going back to school and more of a routine schedule. The May graduation of the School of Ministry allowed for a break in that schedule as well. So in July, I traveled to Myanmar, a country in southeast Asia bordering Thailand. Myanmar is around 88% Buddhist and only around 6% Christian.


Myanmar Ministry
In Myanmar, I had a busy but fruitful and fulfilling schedule. I taught the end of a day-long seminar on Saturday, July 23, preached a revival service that night, preached two services Sunday morning, taught an English speaking class on Sunday afternoon, took a tour of the ministry there on Monday and spent a lot of good time with my friend and contact there. Then, on Tuesday, I taught at their Ministry Institute (similar to our School of Ministry) for about 4 hours and taught a small group that night before flying out Wednesday morning. It was a fast but wonderful trip, seeing God’s work there and scouting for future involvement.

When I first moved back to Asia in 2014, the vision in my heart was not just for the Philippines, but to see lost people reached with the hope of the Gospel, hurting people healed and helped, churches planted and leaders equipped and sent out in more than one place in Asia. So I went prayerfully scouting potential involvement in Myanmar in partnership with my friend Robin Kung.

My Friend in Myanmar, Robin Kung, and Me

A Village Pastor and His Family

The Children’s Home in Myanmar

Robin has a church in the city, Yangon, Myanmar. They have a Ministry Institute there to train their leaders, similar to our School of Ministry, and they have four churches that have been planted in what were unreached villages in rural areas. They also have a children’s home with around 14 children who have been taken in from war-torn areas of the country and various other situations. I visited most of the ministry, including one of the village churches and the children’s home, pictured above.

It was a joy to see Robin again as he had become a great friend during my first stint in Asia back in 2002-2004. It was great to minister with him and see what God is doing there. I shared my passion and vision and the heart of Encounter Generation for Asia. Robin shared his dreams, and we agreed to pray together about how we might partner together to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom in that nation. Please pray with us as we seek the Lord’s heart for us in Myanmar.

Book Published
You might remember that I wrote a book a few years ago called Encounter: The Quest for the Real Thing. Robin had it translated into the Burmese language, and the translator liked it. Robin was going to give the book as a gift, but the translator suggested they try to sell it. So 500 copies have been published and will be for sale in Christian bookstores in Yangon. We will see how it does before printing anymore. Please pray God uses that book to impact peoples’ lives in a significant way.

Expansion in Trece Martires, Philippines
We are currently expanding the sanctuary of the church building in Trece Martires, Philippines. Their current room only holds about 40 people, so we are doing some work to allow the place to accommodate 100. The landlord did not want us to change the building at first, but as we all prayed, God was gracious and the landlord graciously allowed us to extend a lease and make the changes necessary for a church that had outgrown its facility. This change will be much cheaper than moving or other options that were available. People are excited at what God is doing there.

School of Ministry Philippines
On Sunday, July 17, we began the next batch for the School of Ministry. Last time, we started with 8 and saw 5 graduate. This time, we have started with 21 student leaders, so I am excited at the hunger of our people to grow as people, disciples and leaders. I have named Pastor Dion Ramos, the pastor of our Trece Martires church and a graduate of the first batch of School of Ministry, as my Assistant Director. He will facilitate and run the school when I need to be gone.

Upcoming Events-Pray With Us
Coming up on August 19-20, we are taking our leaders on an overnight retreat, for rest and revival. We also have a dedication service for the renovated building in Trece Martires on August 14. We have a mass wedding on August 29, which will allow several of our church members to marry who need to and want to. We are scheduled to host a marriage seminar, a children’s ministry seminar, a worship seminar and on September 18, we will have a big Encounter event for our whole network, similar to the annual Encounter event we used to do back in Marion, Virginia. This will be an evangelistic outreach and revival service on a Sunday morning. As you can see, many opportunities are here for people to grow in many different areas of life. Please pray for these upcoming activities, that we will see much fruit, that lost people will be saved, hurting people healed and helped, leaders equipped and that people will grow strong and stable in the Lord.

Thank You
In the background of all that God is doing, we face plenty of daily challenges. So we ask for your continued prayers for protection, wisdom and power to pray, teach and guide people in the ways that lead to life. Thank you for your partnership in the work of the Gospel in Asia. I wish you could see up close the difference you are making here as we partner together in the story God is writing here.

David Gilliam

Encounter Generation, Inc.
P.O. Box 523
Marion, VA 24354

Robin and Nomi’s Daughter
The Book
English Class
Myanmar Ministry Leadership Institute

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