Dreams Come True


We are so grateful for your prayers and partnership with Encounter Generation, Inc. Below is some of what has been happening with the ministry and personally.

In October, 2016, you will remember we began working on a project in partnership with Pastor R. and his team in Myanmar. The project was a three-story building that would house a church, a children’s home, a school for training up church planters and leaders, and a facility that would invest in wholistic community development. Thanks to you, by March, 2017, we had secured most of the needed funding. After some months of securing permits and by late 2017, construction began. This past June, 2018, the children began moving into the children’s home and classes began for the leadership training school for future church leaders in that nation. Pastor R’s dream, and our dream to partner with him and his team to reach Myanmar with the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has come to fruition.

This was the land Pastor R. and the ministry in Myanmar had when the vision was just a dream.

The foundation as it was being prepared and poured.

Construction happening.

The building as it is recently being finished.

The girls have moved into the children’s home part of the new building!

The boys have moved into the children’s home!

As leaders are trained in the school of leadership in the new building, more unreached villages with people like this (below) who have not heard of Jesus can be reached with practical help and the good news of God’s Kingdom.

A project that makes this much of an impact in a ministry and community and nation happens because partners like you come alongside us to see dreams like this happen. Many people will be impacted in a powerful and beautiful way because of your prayers and the investment you made.

Please pray for Pastor R. and his team as they work in a nation where persecution is real and ministry is difficult. Yet they serve sacrificially for the sake of Christ and for those He died for who have yet to hear the good news & live with many needs. Please pray for that nation, for peace, for the believers there and for the good news of the Kingdom to be carried humbly, proclaimed boldly and demonstrated powerfully throughout the land.

Article On Myanmar

I am currently back in the USA. I returned from Asia a bit earlier than anticipated in late May due partially to an infection that I have still been dealing with. I can function fine, but I have not felt 100%. Doctors are working to remedy the issue, and we are praying for God’s touch and complete healing.

Speaking of dreams coming true, as I was preparing to come back, my then fiancé Amanda and I decided to get married sooner than originally planned. So on July 7, with our families present, we made our vows to one another. Next to Jesus, Amanda is the best thing to happen to me!

My wife Amanda and me: Mrs. and Mrs. Gilliam!

Amanda and I had the privilege of ministering at a youth camp and at two churches in West Virginia in late July. There is also much more to update you on from events in the Philippines as well as many future plans. We will share from the West VA trip and update you on the rest very soon in the next update. I will be traveling a lot and continuing Encounter Generation’s work. Trips back to Asia for multiple weeks, to Jamaica and to Uganda are being planned. But I wanted to share with you the good news of what God has done in Myanmar and how your prayers, partnership and gifts have helped propel that ministry forward into greater Kingdom impact.

Thank you for your love for God, your prayers, your love for lost people and for believing in me, Encounter Generation and our partners in the nations as we work together to advance the Gospel and to see God’s Kingdom come and His will done among the nations as His will is in Heaven.

David Gilliam

Encounter Generation, Inc.
P.O. Box 523
Marion, VA 24354


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