July 2015 Update

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Below is the July update, including the agenda for flying back to the Philippines and other future plans. I hope you have had a good 2015 so far. Thank you so much for praying for and partnering with me even during what seemed to be a bit of a detour for me the last few months. Even our detours are no surprise to God, and He has faithfully guided me through this one while keeping the ministry in the Philippines going strong.

I am so grateful for your prayers, cards, notes, visits, emails and encouraging words during the past several months. I am also so grateful for your continued partnership with the ministry during this time. Ministry has continued here and in the Philippines.

I’ve had the chance to minister, as well as to share the Philippines story, in several churches and other groups over the past weeks. I have been in churches almost weekly since late April. So this time of recovery has opened up many doors to serve here, while continuing to be involved in the ministry in Asia.

I am scheduled to fly out on August 12 to the Philippines. The doctor cleared me for the end of July. After arriving, I will be looking for a new place to live and getting the Encounter School of Ministry rolling again.

Due to internet problems, as well as time issues for my partner there (Pastor Joseph), it has been hard for them to keep the school going as consistently as we had hoped.

So with me present and teaching along with a host of wonderful DVD curriculum I’ve pieced together from some of the best teachers in the world, the school will get back into a consistent schedule in August.

I’m excited about some of the topics we will be getting into in the school in order to equip the current and rising leaders in our two churches (the one I went to plant and the one that Joseph was pastoring before I arrived and we decided to partner together).

Just to name a few, some examples of classes in Encounter School of Ministry are:

* “New and Old Testament Surveys”
* “How to Study and Interpret the Bible”
* “Who is God?”
* “The Gospel”
* “Foundational Doctrine and Theology”
* “Walking as a Disciple of Jesus”
* “4 Stages of Making Disciples/Multiplication”
* “Living Free”
* “Finding Your S.H.A.P.E”
* “The Servant as Evangelist”
* “The Servant as Pastor”
* “The Servant as Teacher/Preacher”

I will also be working to strengthen the two existing churches. Just a few of the things I’ll be doing:

* I’m still working to finish the foundational discipleship curriculum the churches in the network will use.
* The church pastored by Dion (the church Joseph was pastoring) needs a new roof. It leaks terribly.
* We will be ramping up the Sidewalk Sunday School children’s outreach while partnering that with feeding children from situations of extreme poverty.


We also already have a next church plant location in mind. I felt God made that next place clear to me even before we launched the new one last year. So when the two existing churches are at a good place, we will work to plant again in that new location. Thank you for your prayers for wisdom and grace for the right timing in the coming months, as I will be preparing with Joseph for that next church plant we will work toward together.


Additionally, I have an opportunity to go to India this Fall. It will be an opportunity to work with a missionary and friend named Fred Osborne to help equip local church leaders and pastors. It will also be an opportunity to form new relationships and to scout, as I feel India may be a place God is leading me to minister more in the future.

Thank you for believing in me and Encounter Generation, for praying for and standing with me and for your partnership in the work we are doing together in Asia. Thank you for your patience with my recovery time and for your prayers and partnership as I take off to Asia again. You can partner financially through this website by clicking on the tab “Give,” or by writing to Encounter Generation, P.O. Box 523, Marion, VA 24354. Partnership with Encounter Generation is tax-deductible and the website is secure. Thank you for your partnership with me in the Gospel!

If you did not get to see the video telling the story of the church plant in the Philippines, it is below. It contains a lot of great video footage from the new church, Sidewalk Sunday School and people and culture there, you can watch it here:

Thank you again so much!

– David Gilliam


  1. David, we are so happy that you will soon be able to go back & to later go to India. God is so good! Our prayers continue.

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    • Thank you Margaret. Appreciate you all and hope you are doing well!

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