May 2017 Update

Below is the latest news on what’s been happening in the Philippines and Myanmar. It has been summertime in Myanmar and in the Philippines, and much has been going on.


I spent much of April in the country of Myanmar. I have detailed in other updates about how the country has changed for the better because of a recently changing government. Greater economic freedom and greater religious freedom have made it easier to share the Gospel, though places of government corruption and a 90% Buddhist country still make things somewhat difficult.

Working alongside our partner in Myanmar, Pastor Robin Kung and his team with Christ for Asia, we: 1. Held a church training day 2. Held a revival service night 3. Held a week-long youth camp 4. Visited the existing Sidewalk Sunday School program 5. Visited and shared in several small group locations 6. Preached in the main church in Yangon 7. Spent time with the children’s home kids 8. And spent much time encouraging Robin and his team of leaders.

We also scoped out the location for the two-story building project we have been planning for, which will house the main church in the big city of Yangon, Myanmar, the leadership training school for future leaders and church planters, and the children’s home.









Above is Wai Wai, who is a business woman who owns the pictured hotel and restaurant, has been attending the Yangon church. To the left is Robin Kung, senior pastor of the Myanmar ministry and to the right, James Aung, is associate pastor of the Myanmar Yangon ministry.

Below is me speaking at the youth camp with Pastor James translating.







Below is Robin Kung, teaching the Gospel to a group of Buddhists attending the youth camp.







Below is the total group picture from the youth camp in Myanmar.









To the left, is a young pastor of one of the village churches with Christ for Asia Myanmar. (Christ for Asia Myanmar has the home church in the city of Yangon and 4 village churches. A team is currently working to plant a 5th village church). The older gentlemen to the right was a former Buddhist, who has been a Christian for about a year. He lives in the village of this pastor. One day he came upon the scene of a boy who had drown. The boy reportedly had been under water for about 30 minutes and was dead. The man went up to the boy, leaned down and put his hands on him and prayed for him. The boy came back to life. There were multiple witnesses as a crowd surrounded the scene and news about Jesus spread in the village because of that. That was one of the many great stories I have heard about what God is doing in Myanmar. I will try to share more in the future.

To the left is Dim Lam Kim, from a wedding she attended. She leads the Sidewalk Sunday School for the ministry in Myanmar.

Also, above and to the right is a picture from the Sidewalk Sunday School that took place during Youth Camp. Because of your partnership, Encounter Generation has been able to invest in hiring up to two more workers to help Dim Lam Kim and to expand Sidewalk Sunday School into the village regions to reach children and their families with the tangible love and truth of Jesus Christ. You are making that possible!


Youth camps and Vacation Bible Schools have been abounding in the Philippines in April and May. As school gets ready to start back in June and rainy season begins to set in, I will update you in the June update on happenings here.

Thank you for your love for God, your prayers, your love for lost Asia and for believing in me, Encounter Generation and our partners in Asia as we work together to advance the Gospel and to see God’s Kingdom come and His will done in Asia as it is in Heaven.

Your Friend,

David Gilliam

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