October Update


Dear Friends,

Below is our update from the Philippines. Thank you so much for praying for me and for us here in Asia. Thank you for partnering with me in the work here.

After dealing with the typhoon that hit our city and its aftermath, some personal difficulties arose for some of the team members that I had assembled to help me which prohibited them from being able to continue to help. So for almost one month, I found myself in the difficult situation of being stuck alone, without any help in this new city and very different culture. I never, never encourage “going-it-alone” ministry, but due to unforeseen circumstances, there I was.

It was a difficult month, but I look back and am grateful for the experience in one sense. It certainly increased my dependence upon God to show His love and power in my life and to bring co-laborers to help me.

After three weeks or so of a lot of praying and seeking help in various locations, God graciously provided another pastor and his leaders who are going to help me here. It seems to be a good partnership that I hope will enable us to continue this work here.

God is Provider, and it’s through those dark times like the month I had that we get to see His heart and His hand.


We are currently engaging the community through a feeding program for children. As we talked to the local government officials, they informed us of one extremely impoverished area (the same area of the city we helped after the typhoon) where several children are suffering from severe malnutrition. The local government is trying to intervene and help feed them during the week days. We will be able to provide food for them as well as 28 other children on Saturdays. We are also doing games, skits, videos and teaching them the good news of Jesus.

This is porridge, a common food here and similar to what we will feed the children.

PorridgeTHE 4/14 WINDOW

Many experts in missions are emphasizing the 4/14 Window, that “window” of time between the ages of 4 and 14 when 80% of salvation experiences occur. Missionary Dr. Chuck Quinley points out: “Ponder that for a moment. In your business, if you knew that 80% of all sales came from one group of people wouldn’t you spend most of your time and energy on reaching that group?” When you add the very real physical challenges of malnutrition and poor home situations, as well as the dangers these situations provide for evils like human trafficking, it becomes clear that children need to be a focus. So we are working in partnership with the local government to reach 40 of these kids on a weekly basis. Hopefully the forging of these relationships will also give us access to minister to their families as well.


Additionally, we are starting a sports outreach. Young people love basketball and volleyball here. So we are starting those outreaches as well. Also, I meet with a group of college students weekly for Bible Study and continue to build relationships with many other people in this community. Finally, several doors have also opened for me to preach the Gospel in various churches on Sundays as well. So, after a month of praying and searching for answers to why God sent me here, I am encouraged by the new help and open doors He has provided. More soon!

Thank you for praying for us here, for standing with us and for partnering in the work of the Gospel in Asia. Thank you also for your consistent gifts that allow us to continue the work here. Love you all so much!    

– David Gilliam

Note: The internet is not good here. So uploading photos and videos has been very difficult. I’ll try to plan it in such a way that I can upload some photos when I travel to Manila. But thank you for your patience with the lack of photos and videos at the present time.

I am located south of Manila, near “Lake Taal.”

Philippines Map2


  1. Proud of you, David, and bathing your ministry there in prayer! Thank you for this excellent update!

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    • Thank you RuthAnne. So great to hear from you. Miss getting to meet you all for lunch and seeing you all. I emailed Craig just a while ago. I hope you all are doing well.

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  2. We are praying for you David. We miss you at Calvary. We know God has you in the palm of His hands.

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    • Thank you so much Tammy. Miss you all. My best to Terry and the kids. Miss playing music with Zach. I hear he’s doing good!

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  3. I am so sorry to hear about your challenges. Doesn’t it seem that the evil one always has to try to trip us up and make us wonder like you did? I am thankful that God is using the challenges to strengthen you. We are living in a very hard time, and I am thankful for people like you who see the urgency and have the talents to use for God’s work. Your commitment and courage are inspiring and uplifting. Sincerely, Barbara (and Tony)

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  4. David, thanks for taking the time to write this great update! It is especially good to hear about the new open doors to work with the children. I am also glad to hear that God has blessed you with some new co-laborers…That has been a point of prayer when we have prayed for you. We miss you here, but we know that God is using you greatly there as you live out this vision that He has birthed within you.

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