Our Values




The core values and beliefs of Encounter Generation, Inc. are our DNA. DNA contains the genetic code of an organism. So, it largely determines what we look like, who we are and what we can do. In the human body, DNA has two strands. So, playing off this metaphor, our values and beliefs are the two strands that determine what our organism (EGI) looks like and does. The beliefs are doctrine. The values are passions that flow from doctrine but are elements of life as a ministry that we particularly feel called to emphasize and therefore, will make us unique in some way. Another way of describing it is that values paint a picture of the culture we want to create through our unique DNA.



¥ GOSPEL: We value the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the center of God’s story. The Gospel changes everything. It is where our real story begins and is the glorious theme woven through every other part of the story. (John, Acts 2) So we will be Gospel saturated in all that we do, lifting up the Person and work of Jesus as the hope of the world and as the foundation for everything the Church is called to do and to be.
¥ WORD: We value the Bible as the Holy Spirit-inspired, true and powerful Word of God to humanity. It reveals God’s great story to us and is foundational to discovering Who God is and finding our place in His story. (2 Timothy 3:16; Acts 1-4) So we will boldly teach and proclaim the truth of God’s Word.
¥ PRAYER: We value prayer as vital to our ministry and to the life of every believer. Through prayer, we communicate with the Author of this great story and participate in what He is doing. So we will cultivate a culture of prayer continually and strategically in all that we do.
¥ WORSHIP: We value worship as our life’s story in response to God for who He is and what He has done. (Romans 12:1; Isaiah 26:8; Acts 2:42-47) So we will be passionate worshipers, understanding, being and doing all of life as worship to God.
¥ MULTIPLICATION: We value Christ’s genius of multiplication in His Church. (The Gospels; Matthew 28:16-20; Deuteronomy 1:9-18) So we will make disciples who make disciples, equip leaders who equip leaders and plant churches that plant churches for the advancement of God’s Kingdom and the glory of the King.
¥ EMPOWERMENT: We value every believer as a minister and believe that within every community of believers, each person has a unique calling to offer as part of God’s story. Within those callings reside a wealth of creativity, dreams, gifts and talents ready to be offered as worship to God and in service to others. (Priesthood of all Believers) (Ephesians 2:10; Exodus 31:1-11; 1 Peter 2:9; Revelation 5:10) So we will create a culture in which people are free to dream and where creativity is fostered and celebrated, equipping and empowering all believers to minister, lead and fulfill their God-given destinies.
¥ HONOR: We value God’s call to love one another as people in His story. We take seriously the call to ‘be devoted to one another in love and honor one another above yourselves.’ (Romans 12:10) So we will intentionally create a culture of honor in which all people, regardless of background, feel honored, accepted and loved.
¥ EXCELLENCE: We value doing all things with excellence as an act of wisdom and as an act of worship in God’s story. (Colossians 3:17; Exodus 31:1-11) So we will always do our best work, doing all things with excellence and for the glory of God.

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