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Encounter: The Quest for the Real Thing


Children are the living message we send to a time we will not see. – John W. Whitehead

We are not called to rule people. We are called to serve them. – Mark W. Pfeifer

It is not so much about (people) fulfilling the church’s destiny, or the vision of the organization of the church, but it’s the church actually helping the people find their destiny, and then equipping them to make a difference in their world. – Dave Gibbons

Leaders who delegate task create followers; Leaders who delegate authority create leaders. – Unknown

Sometimes we try to connect to everyone and we feel condemned by religion/people and the devil if we are not on the same page with everyone else. I have found that while we are called to love everyone our hearts primarily knit with those who are called to be a part of our story. Sometimes the Holy Spirit even de-clutters the relationships in our lives. Don’t spend so much time trying to make connections when the God connections are right in front of you. Follow the leading and drawing to those God has appointed in your life and don’t give into condemnation and pressure to run yourself ragged trying to relate to and please everyone. – Ryan LeStrange

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