Uganda Prayer Guide 2018

Daily Prayer Guide for Uganda Mission
January and February, 2018

Following is a Prayer Guide for David Gilliam’s Mission Trip with a Team with MedReach, Inc. This prayer guide was provided by MedReach, Inc. (

Saturday & Sunday, Jan. 27 & 28: Travel Days

-Pray that all team members will make their flights, that the weather will be good, and that all luggage will arrive as scheduled.
-Pray for an easy and uneventful passage through Customs! (always a concern)
-Pray that all the team will be of one heart and mind in Christ, aware of His presence, peace, and joy.

Monday, January 29: Travel by bus to village in northern Uganda, set up camp and clinic

-Pray for safe travel on the long bus ride.
-Pray that each of us will have a sense of anticipation about the work of the Holy Spirit in our ministry, and a servant’s heart as we seek to be obedient to His leading.

Tuesday, Jan. 30: Begin clinic and ministries and pastors’ conference; show Jesus film in 2 villages

-Pray for unity among team members, and between Americans and our African partners.
-Pray that the Lord would be preparing hearts to hear and receive the Gospel message.
-Pray for wisdom and compassion for the medical team as they seek to bring the Lord’s healing to their patients.
-Pray for rest and recovery from jet lag and stress.

Wednesday, Jan. 31: Clinic and ministries, pastors’ conference, show Jesus film in 2 villages

-Pray for the healing of our patients, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
-Pray for the national pastors who are attending the conference, that they would have a great sense of the moving of the Holy Spirit in their midst.
-Pray that each of us will take the opportunity to pray with patients and their families, sharing the Good News of Jesus’ love for them.

Thursday, Feb 1: Clinic and ministries, pastors’ conference; show Jesus film in 2 villages

-Pray for the health of each team member, and especially for team leaders Steve and SL Hudson. -Pray that each of us will be able to cope gracefully with long work hours and much less personal time and space than usual.
-Pray that God will lead us through the barriers of cross-cultural ministry, to find hearts already prepared to receive His Word.

Friday, Feb 2: Clinic and ministries, pastors’ conference, show Jesus film in 2 villages

-Pray for the leaders of the pastors’ conference as they encourage fellow believers in the truth of God’s Word.
-Pray for our eyes to be opened that we might see our patients as Jesus saw the multitudes, so that our hearts would overflow with His love and compassion.

Saturday, Feb. 3: Clinic and ministries, pastors’ conference, closing ceremony

-Pray that the wonderful bond of Christ’s love will continue to bind our Ugandan and American team members together.
-Pray that the local churches and leaders will be encouraged and strengthened, and that we will all experience the joy of fellowship together.
-Pray that on this last day of clinic and ministry we will still have the same sense of purpose, the same zeal, the same enthusiasm, the same energy as on the first day.

Sunday, Feb. 4: Break camp, travel to game park

-Pray for safe travel, for our bus driver, and for our witness to him if he is not a believer
-Pray that we will continue to feel the work of the Holy Spirit, and will continue in the spirit of mission as we relax and unwind.

Monday, Feb. 5: safari, boat ride up the Nile, and hike to Murchison Falls

-Pray that we would experience true rest, relaxation, and recuperation.
-Pray for all those who became new believers through the Lord’s work during this mission.
-Pray that we all will be aware of the blessing of allowing God to work through us.

Tuesday & Wednesday, Feb. 6 & 7: travel back to Kampala and fly home

-Pray for safe travel and continued good health as we again deal with fatigue and jet lag.
-Pray that our flights are on schedule and uneventful, that connections are made smoothly, and that luggage arrives home with its owners.
-Pray that our work and witness brought encouragement and blessing to fellow believers, brought new believers into the Kingdom, and brought honor and glory to our God.

And finally, we thank each of you for your faithfulness in prayer, and we appreciate so much being part of the Body of Christ with you. While you may not have physically gone with us to Uganda, in the Lord’s eyes and ours, you were serving alongside us, so that our ministry could be fruitful and God-honoring. We may not know the final results of this labor, yours and ours, this side of Glory, but we know that your partnership with us in prayer has been a vital support during this mission.

Apwoyo matek (thanks very much), and Lubanga omini gum (God bless you)!

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