Wind in My Sails

Once, I had the opportunity to go sailing with friends. Though it looked a bit more complicated than I would have imagined, one thing was obvious: Sailing meant cooperating with the wind. With great skill they hoisted the sail and caught the wind, taking us across the bay in what proved to be a great adventure with friends.


Several times, I have found that my life has been much like fighting the wind. Instead of doing things the way God designed them, I tried to do them my way. I essentially said, “Forget God!” and quickly found my life like a sailboat trying to fight the wind. It went nowhere. And a few times, it felt like I was sinking.


The most amazing adventure is setting the sails of our lives in the hands of Jesus, trusting and believing in His work on the Cross to forgive and restore our lives and following His lead as our Master wherever He takes us. When I’ve finally done that, I’ve discovered that my life really began to move in a positive direction. When we give Him our sails, we begin a life journey that can take us sailing on the adventure of a lifetime! These are “Encounters with Hope.”

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